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Whiskey’s Fine by Adam Doleac – Song Of The Day

by Nick Price
Whiskey's Fine

The Bachelor star and Mississippi country music singer-songwriter Adam Doleac has taken a new look on love in his new single Whiskey’s Fine.

“The night before the song was written inspired it. So, I will leave the details out of that.” Doleac said about the song while speaking to Sounds Of Nashville

Whiskey’s Fine is the sixth and final single from Adam’s recent EP ‘Famous’ which was released in April this year. It’s the first release from Doleac since signing a new deal with Sony Music Nashville and he told Taste Of Country that the project was the culminated of hard work.

“These songs and the inspiration behind them go back as far as five years and some only a few months ago. So for people to finally get to see how they all come together as one body of work is the coolest thing for me.”

The title track from that EP, Famous has been Adam’s biggest success so far reaching #42 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. We’re certain we’ll be seeing more of Adam in the future!

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