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Whiskey and Rain by Michael Ray – Song Of The Day

by Nick Price
Whiskey and Rain

Floridian singer Michael Ray has released a music video for his latest single Whiskey and Rain, and its our Song Of The Day.

Whiskey and Rain sees a significant step up in production from Michael’s previous outings. It embraces this comfortable, warm old-school hum that his previous releases have shied away from, opting for more synthetic sounds.

Written by Jesse Frasure and Josh Thompson, its a sure fire hit for radio that will likely put Michael Ray’s name alongside the musical hero’s he grew up with.

The music video, directed by Sean Hagwell leans into the classic bar vibe the song delivers on so well. Showing a cosy bar and its punts on the night of a storm.

“We wanted the video to show that going through rough spots in life can open you up to different people and their situations. Maybe you can listen to their stories for a while. I think the video reflects the depth of the song, and it shows how sometimes the negative things in life can bring people together.” Said Michael while talking to Country Music Television.

Whiskey and Rain is the first single from Michael’s upcoming third album, and we’re so excited to see what he’s got coming up next.

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