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Villain by Lily Rose – Song of the Day

by Mallory Arbour
Lily Rose

Villain, the debut single by emerging country singer-songwriter, Lily Rose is our Song of the Day. The single debuted atop iTunes’ all genre and country charts, and has been streamed over 7 million times across all digital platforms since its release.

Co-written with Kyle Clark and Mackenzie Carpenter, and produced by Matt Morrisey, Villain is about being labelled the ‘bad guy’ at the end of a relationship.

Lily says, “I think this song is a different kind of breakup song, because your reputation is the thing being questioned here, not you as partner or you as a future partner.”

The music video shows a chase between detective and villain, but has a twist at the end.

Before her chart success, the 27-year-old found popularity on TikTok. She joined the popular social media app in October 2020, and has since built up a loyal fan base. Villain became a viral success, with two videos accumulating more than 4 million views and 2,000 shares on TikTok in less than a week.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, but calling Nashville home since 2015, the former high school basketball and soccer star has been pursuing a career in music for more than thirteen years, working a handful of part-time jobs while touring the bar circuit. She’s been writing songs since she was 15.

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