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This Is Us by Southbound – Song of the Day

by Mallory Arbour

This Is Us is the catchy, new feel-good pop-country single from Southbound – and it’s also our Song of the Day. Produced by Robby De Sa, the track is the follow-up to the high-energy, all-female country group’s first national #1 country airplay single, Find Our Way – which has been streamed across the globe over 1.5 million times.

Formed in 2020, Southbound is comprised of established solo artists Rachael Fahim and Missy Lancaster, along with exciting newcomers Sarah Bernardo and Andrea Krakosvka.  

Singer and track co-writer, Rachael says This Is Us makes her “want to go out with her friends and make some memories. After all, after what we’ve all been through in the past 12 months, we’ve got a lot of making up to do!”

Bass player and vocalist, Sarah adds, “This Is Us reminds me of when I would tell my parents I was going to a sleepover, but we were really just getting drunk in a field somewhere with all our mates. Sorry mom.”  

Southbound plan to release their debut album in the second half of 2021, which will feature the new release as well as their first three top 10 singles – Find Our Way featuring Shannon Noll, Drink and Get Drunk On Me.

Keep up to date with Southbound on their Facebook page here.

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