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This Album Changed My Life: Tom Petric on ‘Be Here’ by Keith Urban

by Mallory Arbour

Petric is a Canadian country band composed of brothers Jason and Tom Petric, along with their long time friend, Jordan Day. Last year, we interviewed Jason before the release of their debut album, Flashbacks. Now the album is out and it’s catchy AF, as is the singles Déjà Vu and the follow up, Kids – which definitely has some strong Keith Urban vibes.

To reacquaint ourselves with Petric, we’ve asked lead singer, Tom Petric to tell us about an album that has changed his life and he’s chosen Be Here by Keith Urban.

I remember getting Be Here for my birthday when it was first released. I listened to that album non-stop! Often, my brother, Jason and I would go into the basement, where our parents had a big stereo and just rotate CDs. I know we drove our parents nuts with how loud we played the music, and how often we had songs on repeat. Be Here was one of those albums that got played numerous times each day.

Days Go By, Better Life, You’re My Better Half... I still think those are Keith’s best songs. Tonight I Want To Cry, Nobody Drinks Alone, there was so much personal emotion poured into this record, I feel like we really got to know Keith as a person, not just a singer.

It was the album we listened to on the way to our lake to go camping, or the album I’d listen to before a hockey game. I loved every single song on that record. I’m sure I could still sing every word of every song. Petric has covered a handful of the songs from that record over the years when we used to play in clubs. I still think we do a damn good job of You’re My Better Half!

Not long after that I got the album for my birthday, Keith came to our home town and we went to see him. It was that moment I knew I wanted to be on stage. He became my hero and idol from that moment on. The energy he brought to the stage was so intoxicating.

If it wasn’t for that album, who knows what would’ve happened with me and music. Would I have found the same love for music elsewhere? Would I have fallen in love with country music the same way I did? It’s crazy think how something like an album can shape your life, but it happens. That’s what music is supposed to do. Inspire you.

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