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Song Of The Day: Dan + Shay – I Should Probably Go To Bed

by Nick Price

Dan + Shay’s latest single I Should Probably Go To Bed is an absolute belter that takes about two thirds of the song to get to the belting but its well worth the wait, when Dan hits that incredible vocal run at around the two minute mark, its game over.

Recording in the track in a spare bedroom at Smyers house during lockdown, the singer told People the isolated time together gave the pair a spark that they hadn’t experienced since the beginning of their career.

“Shay was at my house after all the quarantine stuff happened. We’d been on lockdown and hadn’t seen a human for two months after our tour got put on hold. We sat down at the piano, and we were just feeling that magic again. The studio is an extra bedroom in the house with a mattress leaning against the wall and pillows on the floor. It’s not very glamorous, very DIY. But Shay started singing and it was just like we were feeding off each other’s energy like we had done in the beginning of our career,” said Smyers.

And if you thought the song was great, wait until you watch the music video. It’s a whole experience! Speaking to Taste Of Country, the pair shared some behind the scene stories from the filming of the music video for I Should Probably Go To Bed.

“We had this grand ambition. We wanna fly here. This big section, it feels like we need be floating in the air. We didn’t think about any of the logistics of how that works, and its very, very detailed. We had to get these custom harnesses, and a stunt guy. It was crazy, I had bruises all over my ribs for awhile, but anything for the art,” said Smyers.

It wasn’t all awesome ideas and special affects, filming a music video during a global pandemic was a really challenge for Dan + Shay, but it was a challenge they were ready to take on.

“We had a COVID officer there and obviously everyone was social distancing and had their maks on and we obviously had to make sure that it was safe. It was very challenging to do it during this time,” said Mooney.

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