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Seventy Five by Teak – Premiere

by Mallory Arbour

Countrytown is proud to premiere the new single by Queensland singer-songwriter Teak. Seventy Five is an anthemic love song about the 1970s music Teak loves and showcases her glorious voice and talent for writing melodies. It’s our Song of the Day!

On the eve of its release Teak reminisced about a conversation with her late grandfather, who was a jazz musician. She says, “He was around 80 then and we were comparing gigs we had played over the weekend. Yes, he was still gigging up to four nights a week! Music has always been at the heart of my family. I mentioned how I wished I had lived through the 70s, as from his experience music was in its prime then.” 

Teak grew up listening to all sorts of music, and although she has a firm foundation in country music, she says she was “an 11-year-old kid who would lock herself in the bedroom, light a candle and listen  to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra and Patsy Cline … I never really thought it was strange until I looked back and thought, what 11-year-old locks herself in the bedroom with a guitar lit candle and jams out to Going to California? So, this song in some ways hints at my love for music, anything vintage, and my struggle in the ever-evolving music industry.”

It was Teak’s love for the sounds of the 70s that caught the attention of producer Martin Hansen, best known for his work with German rock band The Scorpions and Australian duo The Veronicas. Seventy Five was produced and co-written by Martin, and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Teak is known to Australian audiences through her 2015 appearance on The Voice, where she made it through to the Top 12 finals working with coach Joel Madden. Her success on the show launched her career, and she was invited to tour with rock legend David Gates from the 70s band BREAD. Teak has also performed at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Road to Roma and Gympie Music Muster

She has also travelled to Nashville to write with upcoming artists like Alana Springsteen and Jeremy Bussey (who wrote Girl Going Nowhere with Ashley McBryde) as well as Grammy Award-winning songwriter Mike Reid (Bonnie Raitt). 

When she is not globetrotting producing country music with legends, Teak– who grew up with The McClymont sisters – is a mum of three who loves crystals, cooking, and gardening. She also shares her passion for storytelling and music by teaching music lessons from her property in Emerald, Queensland. She released her EP, Handmade in December 2020.

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