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Runaway by Dakota East – Video Premiere

by Mallory Arbour
Dakota East

Indie pop-country artist Dakota East recently released her debut single, Runaway – and Countrytown is proud to give you your first look at the accompanying music video in this exclusive premiere. Written with long-time collaborator, guitarist and producer Kieran Colton and mixed by Konstantin Kersting, Dakota sings of the experience of fear.

She says, “After losing my dad when I was 24, I felt a resurgence of anxieties and fears that I thought were just based in childhood. Things that I thought I had grown out of. Fear of flying, fear of the ocean, fear of the dark. Life felt so fragile and at any moment it could break.”

She adds, “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been influenced by so much, but the essence of pure, raw and unrefined musical emotion has always stayed strong within me and is what I try to evoke as an artist.”

Dakota grew up in a log cabin on a small island in the middle of Ontario Lake surrounded by music. Her Mum would play B.B King and Bonnie Raitt around the house, and her Dad loved North American folk singers like Neil Young, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, while Dakota’s music is her nod to modern country crossover influences Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris and Caylee Hammack.

In 2017, Dakota moved to Melbourne where she established herself as a regular performer amongst Victoria’s most loved music venues and opened for Jon Stevens, Wendy Matthews and Joe Camilleri, and The Black Sorrows. Also well as the music video for Runaway, (which was filmed, directed and Edited by Zaikoda), Dakota also has covers of Tennessee Whiskey, Sister Golden Hair and Cool Girls on her YouTube channel.

Watch the video below!

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