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Rider Essentials: Darlinghurst

by Mallory Arbour

Since their debut single Sorry We Won’t Get Back To You, from all the way back in June 2019, Darlinghurst have been blazing a path through Australian country music. The four-piece Melbourne band, made up of Pagan Newman, Cassie Leopold, Matt Darvidis and Jason Resch, were nominated for ‘Best New Talent’ at the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards and have netted five consecutive top 5 radio chart hits (3 of which peaked at #1). Following the success of their number one single Where Do We Go, Darlinghurst are set to release their foot-stomping follow up Unfaithful tomorrow, off their upcoming debut album.

We caught up with Countrytown favourites Darlinghurst to find out the things they always take on the road with them for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Cassie Leopold (vocals) 

When I travel I always take my gym gear with the intent to do a work out. Unfortunately, my runners still look brand new and my active wear still has tags on it but hey, there is always next time!

Jason Resch (vocals/guitar) 

I always take my writing book with me. I enjoy writing songs on the road. Being in different towns and new surroundings, observing people and all the different walks of life – I find it to be quite stimulant. And it’s a lot easier than writing on the back of serviettes and plane tickets!

Matt Darvidis (vocals/guitar) 

I won’t go anywhere without my headphones. Whether it be listening to my favourite artists (John Mayer, Cat Stevens) on the plane, meditation music to relax to, or podcasts to get to sleep, you will always find me with my headphones. I’m also renowned for packing very little when I go away, purely for the fact that I’m rather forgetful and the less I take away, the less I will forget to bring back home.

Pagan Newman (vocals) 

I do tend to pack too many shoes, which, sometimes, makes me forget essentials like underwear and phone chargers! But no matter where we go, I normally always carry a notebook just to write down any thoughts and ideas we may have, and a phone to capture certain band moments and candid silly things we do.

The band

Besides taking the essentials of our clothes, instruments and toothbrushes etc, we all love whiskey and enjoy having a nightcap at the very end of the day, so we make sure to have a bottle – particularly Maker’s Mark, tucked away in our suitcase!”

Keep up to date with Darlinghurst via their Facebook page here.

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