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Never Be Sorry by Old Dominion – Song Of The Day

by Nick Price
Never Be Sorry

Nashville five-piece Old Dominion have dropped the happiest sounding breakup song ever with their new single Never Be Sorry.

Filled with memories of a love that stretched across the US, Old Dominion took their time to get the vibe just right for Never Be Sorry. It’s just a little bit of sad with a whole lot of happy.

“More and more lately, if there’s a sad lyric, I feel like I want to make every song happy. A happy sound with a sad lyric is, to me, a cool juxtaposition. Sometimes the dumbest, most basic melody is the one that feels the best. I don’t know why that is, but when you feel it, you know. It doesn’t have to be some crazy, all-over-the-map melody. Sometimes it’s just the simple one where you stay on [one note] that you feel that release in your gut.” Said guitarist, Brad Tursi.

Never Be Sorry is the fourth single from the band’s self-titled third album released in October last year. It debuted at #1 on Billboards Country Albums chart.

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