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Mustang by Abby Christo – Song Of The Day

by Nick Price

New Zealand up and comer Abby Christo’s latest single Mustang is today’s Song Of The Day. It’s good old fashion song about ex’s and how to get over them.

“I was feeling a little bitter about a breakup. But instead of going in and writing a sad emotional and angry song, I decided to write a cheeky song about how my ex-boyfriend loved his car more than he loved me. The car was a Mustang. It is a true story. The new guy at the time (if I’m being completely honest, my ‘rebound guy’) never really lived up to the expectations I had in a relationship, that had been established with my ex. But at least he didn’t love his Mustang more than me!” Said Abby about Mustang.

In her late teens Abby appeared on New Zealand’s X Factor and during the show became one half of duo Mae Valley. Now, Abby is stepping out as a solo artists.

“I’m at a point in my life where I’m finding myself. I’m making friends, learning who I am, dating, dealing with heartbreak…. all the stuff you deal with in your early 20’s. When people listen to my music, I want them to feel like they are sharing an experience with me. Life can be so exciting, yet complicated and even miserable at the same time and I feel that music is the best way I can find a genuine connection with everyone.” Said Abby about her new direction.

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