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Mickey Guyton makes history at the CMA Awards

by Staff Writer
Mickey Guyton makes history

Mickey Guyton makes history at the CMA Awards last week as the first black female country artist to perform her own song at the awards night. On the night, she performed her stunning ballad What Are You Gonna Tell Her?

Speaking at a virtual press conference following the awards, Mickey opened up about diversity and inclusiveness in country music and the progress that she’s seen.

“I am a witness to it. I have seen it. The ACMs are relentlessly committed to diversifying the ACM Awards. All people have to do is see themselves and feel encouraged to be a part of the community. And they can. I feel really hopeful that — as hard of a year as it’s been — it really has been beautiful to see people come together and put all of our differences aside and make the world better.” Said Mickey.

Mickey also praised country music legend Rissi Palmer, and Mickey’s personal inspiration, in the conference.

“That whole phrase ’you see it, you can be it’ really rings true. The only reason why I felt that I could pursue country music is because I saw another black woman singing country named Rissi Palmer. If it wasn’t for her. I wouldn’t be here.” Said Mickey.

“So me standing on that stage representing just women of color period shows them that they have the opportunity too. And they can sing whatever kind of music they want to sing. It doesn’t just have to be R&B. If they want to sing country music, they can and will be accepted by this beautiful community.”

We’re certain this won’t be the last time Mickey Guyton makes history, and we’ll certainly be there next time she does. In the meantime, give her whole EP another play!

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