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Front Deck Boom Box: Catherine Britt

by Nick Price
Catherine Britt

One of Australia’s best loved country singer-songwriters, Catherine Britt, has released her new single I Am A Country Song. To celebrate, Catherine Britt is sharing five of her favorite tracks at the moment for Front Deck Boom Box.

Melody Moko – Last Cigarette

I co-wrote this song with Melody and it’s the first single from her upcoming album Two Kids & A Radio. Melody, in my opinion is the most exciting and unique new artist to come out for a while. She is an amazing songwriter and singer and stands out from the crowd. Check her out!

Fanny Lumsden – Fierce

Fanny is a special singer/songwriter. She writes about real life things and her songs get to the core of the listener. She is creative and kind and this new song is a stand out track on her new release Fallow.

The Chicks – Sleep At Night

I love the sound The chicks have created on their new album, it’s so cool and fun and original. I have always been a fan of the girls and their early albums really inspired my new album Home Truths sound.

Chris Stapleton – Starting Over

Chris was a friend of mine when I lived over in Nashville and we wrote a few songs together over the years. I’m so excited that he is doing things now and the world now sees what I always knew was special.

Michael Waugh – The Weir

Michael is a very different singer/songwriter to the rest of the pack. He is a great honest Aussie songwriter and sings like a classic Australian talks. He paints pictures with his lyrics that take you straight to the place he sings about. Very special.

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