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Catherine Britt and Lachlan Bryan Form The Pleasures

by Mallory Arbour
The Pleasures

Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Catherine Britt and singer-songwriter, producer and musical director, Lachlan Bryan have teamed up to form The Pleasures.

The collaboration began over late-night texts and quickly spiraled into a feverish week of writing and recording in Melbourne, where the pair would dream up songs into the early hours, then head to the studio next morning to lay them down.

Britt says, “Lachlan and I have always clicked in life and in song, and we’ve always had an unspoken understanding and respect for one another. These songs came so easy – they flowed out of us like a raging stream. I just want more honest, real music in the world, and I couldn’t think of a better person to make it with!”

Their first song, The Beginning of the End will be released on January 21 through Beverley Hillbilly Records/MGM – you can read more about it here. The classic country/Americana track is full of sass, spark and excitement, with themes of recklessness and lust abound.

Bryan says, “I don’t think know anyone else who feels and understands country music the way Catherine does. She sounds authentic because she is authentic. When she opens her mouth and sings you can hear the neon lights buzzing, you can taste the tequila and you can barely see for the cloud of smoke. It’s all that stuff that people try and fake – they try and put in on – but it’s like she was just born with it”.

The Pleasures will play their debut show live at the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Thursday, January 20, and continue with a string of shows in VIC and NSW in February.

Watch the teaser of The Beginning of the End below!

Keep up to date with The Pleasures on their Instagram page here.

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