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Can’t Fool Your Own Blood by Sam Williams – Song of the Day

by Mallory Arbour
Sam Williams

Sam Williams, a singer-songwriter and son of Hank Williams Jr. (and, therefore, grandson of Hank Williams), released his latest single Can’t Fool Your Own Blood and it’s our Song of the Day.

Originally released in January, Can’t Fool Your Own Blood was co-written by Sam, Mary Gauthier and Jaimee Harris, and produced by Tommy Cecil. The song delivers powerfully honest lyrics with a mixture of pain, strength, and hope.

Sam says, “This song is about living with adversity. I sing about family drama that we all experience and grapple with. One thing that will never serve you well is lying to someone you love. That can only lead to turmoil. Can’t Fool Your Own Blood is about being a pattern breaker and taking control of your own fate. Being at war with oneself is the greatest battle.”

The music video was directed by Running Bear Films’ Stephen Kinigopoulos and Alexa King, and shot in Henry Country, Tennessee on the Williams’ family’s farm.

Perhaps, surprising – given his family’s history, Sam was originally reluctant to get into the music industry (although he’d been writing music and poetry on the side for years). He even considered a career in politics, and spent two-and-a-half years at University studying business, before leaving to focus on his music.

The 23-year old, Nashville-native released singles Darkwater (2016), The Lost Grandchild’s Plea (2018), which honours his late grandparents, Hank and Audrey Williams, and Gemini (2019). In 2020, he released a cover of Weatherman, as well as SHUTEYE and The World: Alone, a song he wrote in honour of his late sister Katie Williams.

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