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Bed On Fire by Teddy Swims – Song of the Day

by Mallory Arbour
Teddy Swims

Singer-songwriter Teddy Swims continues to shape and sharpen his signature sound, fusing intense soul, stoned R&B, country storytelling, and magnetic pop with his single, Bed On Fire – it’s our Song of the Day!

Co-written with Dallas Davidson, Adonijah Cartwright, Kyle Fishman, and producer Julilan Bunetta, Bed on Fire centers around the kind of love that arrests your whole body.

Teddy says, “Have you ever been so deeply in love with someone that you know they have the total power over you? Yet still you make a decision every day to trust them with that power because that’s what we do in love. Bed On Fire comes from a place of genuine fear of loving someone so much that if they ever got up and decided to leave you at any moment they could crush your whole world. Fear lives in love.”

Born Jaten Dimsdale on September 25, 1992, his stage name came from an acronym for “Someone Who Isn’t Me Sometimes,” reflecting the many facets of his creative personality. After he graduated from high school, Teddy began singing in local hard rock bands, and lent his voice to all sorts of projects, including cover bands that played wedding receptions, noisy metal-core outfits, and rapping with hip-hop artists.

He rose to fame through social media by posting covers (spanning a wide variety of eras and genres, from Marvin Gaye, Bonnie Raitt, and Shania Twain to Billie Eilish, the Weeknd, and Khalid) on YouTube out of his bedroom. His bold voice immediately resonated as he impressively attracted an audience of 1.7 million through a steady stream of both hilarious and heartfelt moments.

In 2020, he enlisted country star Thomas Rhett to feature on a new version of his high-spirited hit Broke. Most recently, he released the single Til I Change Your Mind off his newly released debut EP Unlearning, and notably auctioned off the original cover painting and donated proceeds to the non-profit Soul Food Cypher (SFC) and artist Sage Guillory. He will release his debut graphic novel, Teddy Swims: Swimmy and Valley of the Last Song with Z2 Comics later this year.

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