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Artist of the Week: Hiss Golden Messenger

by Mallory Arbour
Hiss Golden Messenger

CountryTown in partnership with iHeartCountry Australia is proud to announce American folk band, Hiss Golden Messenger as our Artist Of The Week, following the release of the album, Quietly Blowing It.

Originating from Durham, North Carolina, Hiss Golden Messenger released their debut album, Country Hai East Cotton in 2009, and followed with 2010’s Bad Debt, Poor Moon (2012), Haw (2013) and Lateness of Dancers in 2014. Quietly Blowing It is the follow-up to 2019’s critically acclaimed release Terms of Surrender, which was nominated for a 2021 Grammy Award for ‘Best Americana Album’.

Musically, the new songs off Quietly Blowing It are steeped in gospel, Southern soul, indie folk, and alt-country with tinges of blues, rock, and jazz influences running throughout. Released in January, the first single, Sanctuary has spent the last three weeks at #1 on the Americana Radio Singles Chart. The pensive track, If It Comes In The Morning followed.

Quietly Blowing It was written and arranged by bandleader and songwriter M.C. Taylor in his home studio as he watched the chaotic world spin outside his window.

He explains, “Writing became a daily routine and that was a ballast for me. Having spent so much time on the road over the past ten years, where writing consistently with any kind of flow can be tricky, it felt refreshing. And being in my studio, which is both isolated from and totally connected to the life of my family, felt appropriate for these songs.”

Keep up to date with Hiss Golden Messenger on their Facebook page here.

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