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Artist Of The Week: Brad Cox

by Nick Price
Artist Of The Week: Brad

CountryTown in partnership with iHeartCountry Australia is proud to announce Brad Cox as our Artist Of The Week, following the release of his sophomore album ‘My Minds Projection’.

Recorded and produced with long time collaborator Matt Fell, the album has already spawned hits including Short Lived Love, Give Me Tonight, Drinking Season and the Adam Eckersley collaboration Remedey.

“’My Minds Projection’ is a snapshot of songs that I’ve written, things that I’ve done and things that I’ve experienced in the last three years. It’s what I’ve felt and seen and done and heard and then felt again all rolled into one.” Said Brad.

“I finished writing the first record in 2017. ‘My Minds Projection’ covers the time I spent between finishing writing that record and writing this one. There’s a bunch of songs that are two-years old, and a couple of songs that I wrote in November. I’m a huge fan of Sturgill Simpson’s ‘A Sailor’s Guide To Earth’. Like that album, I wanted to make a record that I know my fans will love. But, I think this album will open doors to a lot more people, other than fans that only like country music.”

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